Metrixware is not only an agile software editor

But also an effective software solutions provider for legacy and open environments. Our aim is to provide middle-sized and big organizations with modernization and innovative IT solutions related to the Mainframe software factory, the Application modernization and e-contracting/m-contracting.

Thanks to our understanding of your business (Bank/Insurance, Distribution, Energy etc.), we provide you with the right solutions at a controlled cost and a reduced time-to-market. Our professional software solutions can be customized to your needs, and some of them are built on open source components. Metrixware has a unique R&D team that merges skills in Mainframe, COBOL, J2EE, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap and other JS frameworks, and Eclipse plugin development.

  • Application Modernization
    Application Modernization

    Thanks to our technologies, we ease the modernization of your applications and help you meet the requirements of continuously changing business environments. Among our last successful projects : make your legacy applications available on every web browser based on a responsive approach, redefine your business transactions, integrate your legacy applications with electronic signature functionalities etc… .

    • Software Factory Modernization
      Software Factory Modernization

      A software factory integrates lots of components (open source or proprietary), giving us many improvement opportunities. Metrixware has implemented several solutions to improve the potential of your legacy applications – mainframe integration, entreprise portail, single sign on, Tablets or ipad support, optimized PDF generation – or the efficiency of your development process.

      • Information System Modernization
        Information System Modernization

        How to transform an innovative idea into a successful business ? Achieve your goals by improving your employees productivity, simplifying your customer information access through a unified vision, taking control on your documents lifecycle. Metrixware has a track record of successes in these domains thanks to robust, low risk, and reduced time-to-market solutions for legacy and modern environments.

        “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”       Steve Jobs

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