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Metrixware Education Services provides training services designed to fit your unique schedule and technical requirements.

All of our trainers are highly skilled consultant on technologies presented in our training.

We delivers customer (on-site) Dedicated Training, based on a class size of eight students. Client will provide an adequate classroom equipped with appropriate materials, a whiteboard or flipchart and a PC for each or for 2 students with appropriate software installed.

Training Customization

Cost-effective solution that facilitates the transition from the classroom to the workplace. Our training experts adapt Metrixware’s course material to your unique goals, data, and work environment. Customized hands-on exercises teach participants how to access and work with their own data.


We can provide an on-site mentor to assist students, reinforce concepts, and provide focused guidance as they begin to use Metrixware’s product.

To find out more about courses and training solutions, contact us by email or call +33(0)155 693 220

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