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Metrixware is not only an agile software editor but also an effective software solutions provider for legacy and open environments.
Thanks to our understanding of your business (Bank/Insurance, Distribution, Energy etc.), we provide you with the right solutions at a controlled cost and a reduced time-to-market in 3 different areas :

Application modernization

Thanks to our technologies, we ease the modernization of your applications and help you meet the requirements of continuously changing business environments. Among our last successful projects : make your legacy applications available on every web browser based on a responsive approach, redefine your business transactions, integrate your legacy applications with electronic signature functionalities etc… .
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Software Factory Modernization

A software factory integrates lots of components (open source or proprietary), giving us many improvement opportunities. Metrixware has implemented several solutions to improve the potential of your legacy applications – mainframe integration, entreprise portail, single sign on, Tablets or ipad support, optimized PDF generation – or the efficiency of your development process.
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Information System Modernization

How to transform an innovative idea into a successful business ? Achieve your goals by improving your employees productivity, simplifying your customer information access through a unified vision, taking control on your documents lifecycle. Metrixware has a track record of successes in these domains thanks to robust, low risk, and reduced time-to-market solutions for legacy and modern environments.

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