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How to transform an innovative idea into a successful business ?

Metrixware helps you reduce the time and cost to deploy your projects in the context of your existing and new business processes.

Improving your employees productivity ?

Be mobile and available by giving acces to their businesses everywhere : whatever their terminal (laptop, hybrid, tablet, mobile phone), software packages ( CRM, EDM…) and their legacy applications (Cobol, Mainframe, DB2)

Simplifying your customer information access through a unified vision ?

  • Benefit from a unified view of your customer cases, regardless of the underlying applications ( Single sign on, portal integration…)
  • Manage complex customer environments with multisessions

Taking control on your documents lifecycle ?

  • Production Solutions

Create light and easily manipulated documents. We can dematerialize your paper documents, in order to be able to contract directly with customer authentication and electronic signature.


  • Management Solution

Archive according to the document nature (from the Electronic Document Management to the Third-Party Archiver).


  •  Restitution and Traceability Solutions

Reprint and manipulate through any type of environment and terminal.

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