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IT-Translation is an innovative organization, conceived to value high tech research via a new business start-up. By merging research innovation with the financial means, we complement the phased development of new technology organizations. IT-Translation works side by side with founders of the company in order to help them reach their objectives of creating, and marketing products, which stem from their unique technological research.
Tocea provides Development Teams with innovative solutions that enable them to continuously control and improve the integrity of their applications. They support developers, architects and application managers in their permanent effort to tackle IT debt and costs through relevant data on Code & Architecture Quality and some unique computer-aided refactoring features.
Specialist in COBOL, Easirun provides solutions for : Analysis and conversion, client Server, COBOL compiler, Database access, Print + signature, SOA Framework, Graphical interfaces, Mainframe Solutions.
Optimyth Software is a software company providing quality assurance and application inventory management products and solutions.
Their goal is to help IT executives manage their application portfolios. They need wide visibility to make decisions as well as real data rather than subjective information.
they provide all the relevant metrics for each application (cost, effort, activity, quality, maintainability, efficiency and dependency etc), which they might use to benchmark and compare the applications. In this way, tough decisions become easier. Cost reduction, risk mitigation, objective measurement, software technical quality certification or outsourcing agreements management are some of the areas where we can share expertise.
OpenTrust is a software editor that protects the identities of people and objects and secures documents and digital transactions. Every day, around the world, millions of people use their technologies to identify, travel, exchange data or signing contracts. Since 2004, over 200 major international companies trust them and use their solutions in over 175 countries. The company operates in Europe, the Middle East and North America through a network of local partners and resellers.
CGI is committed to helping all of its stakeholders succeed. Its 68,000 professionals in 40 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific provide end-to-end IT and business process services that facilitate the ongoing evolution of Its clients’ businesses. CGI is committed to helping Its clients achieve their business goals; to providing Its professionals with rewarding careers; and to offering shareholders superior returns over time. CGI is in the business of delivering results.
Steria is one of the main leaders of digital services provider and help businesses and governments to meet their complex IT challenges and understand the specific business issues in their area. As aTransformation partner to its customers, Steria works closely with them to provide advice, expertise, digital, as well as its infrastructure optimization services, applications and business processes.
COBOL-IT is a software product and services company based in Paris, France. The COBOL-IT Compiler Suite is an enhanced distribution of the COBOL-IT Compiler, an Open Source ANS85 compliant COBOL, extending the capability of the compiler for development, maintenance, modernization and production.
As its name suggests, Luxembourg e-Archiving (so-called “Learch”) is a service specialising in long-term preservation and recovery of digital assets, which provides a cloud-based platform that offers online and on-demand services. Learch is a service offering from Victor Buck Services, a subsidiary of POST Luxembourg dedicated to Electronic Content Management and Record Management services to all types of organizations in the european market.
Since its inception, Cryptolog is a software editor, at the forefront of innovation in electronic signature, timestamping and evidence management, Cryptolog puts all his energy in the service of a mission to both technological and societal : renovate depth exchanges, promoting the development of dematerialization probative value. These would include the emergence of a reliable electronic signature, secure, having the same legal value as a handwritten signature.
With an impressive portfolio of over 60 clients including companies such as Firmenich, Migros and the State of Geneva, ilem Group has become one of the major IT actor. With its headquarters in Geneva, offices in Lausanne, Lyon and Casablanca ilem offers customers local expertise and presence with a global reach. It prides itself on providing the link between IT and Business, enabling customers’ operations through the latest technology and ilem expertise.
Aticser is an independent and private company, which has based its growth on its dedication to service and commitment to its customers. Its business lines are aimed at providing solutions to improve productivity, quality, service and results for our clients. Aticser is a leading company with an innovative spirit, dedicated to providing consulting, solutions and services in Information Technology and Communication that bring value to its customers and their team of high technical level and fully motivated.
MSS International is a software migration business based in Switzerland and The United States. For over thirty-five years MSS has specialized in automated Unisys migrations, developing a strong brand in the marketplace through its 100% success rate with over 50 satisfied customers worldwide. We understand every blend of Unisys and have both private and public sector experience in delivering migration projects on time and on budget.
BTR Services is a Belgian ICT company specialized in the always evolving world of Banking & Insurance. A world where transformations go faster than ever before, and where financial institutions are slowly willing to change along with the modern environment. The ‘conservative attitude’ of these institutions is transforming into a more open view in relation to technical and business strategies. Consolidations and migrations force banks & insurance companies to progress on the road of transformations. Changes in legislation have created more complex activities.
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