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Mainframe Integrator Suite : Give your mission critical applications the agility they need

Mission critical applications are the heart of the company’s business and its information system don’t have the flexibility and agility required by the business.

However, This platform based on mainframe technology, must provide added value for business, while using innovations and new IT channels (internet, intranet, mobile, social web, etc..).

Mainframe Integrator suite helps in IS Modernization delivering agile services and user-friendly web applications without altering the integrity and reliability of the existing legacy application portfolio.

SOA Fast track : Leverage Mainframe Assets in a SOA Context

Metrixware SOA Fastrack/IMS and SOA Fastrack/CICS Edition takes advantage that IMS or CICS transactions can be accessed without presentation manager. SOA Fastrack connects to IMS or CICS and exchanges messages with IMS or CICS via appropriate gateway (IMS Connect, CICS ECI or CTG).

Metrixware SOA Fastrack proposes a complete set of tools (design time and run time) to build services without code writing using graphical interface to compose several elementary steps, debug and test it immediately.

SOA Fastrack provides a complete solution for a strategic SOA by reuse approach

Data mapper : Bring up to date your legacy transactions into tailored business services

MIS Data Mapper is a development workshop allowing the production of independent and standard Java components from the COBOL description of the CICS Commarea (through the CTG) or of the IMS MID/MOD (through IMS Connect) corresponding to a “serviced” application.

MIS Data Mapper provides a direct approach to rediscover business objects hidden by technical description using a performing redesign tools. We support Multiple generation ways  (Pure Java, Web Services, others,..)

Clearly isolating responsibilities and roles, and using a direct approach versus twos steps conversion (COBOL to Java translation and encapsulation), MIS Data Mapper decreases knowledge and skills needs, maintenance process and documentation generation.   


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