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Kiuwan / Quality Control : Identify and reduce risks with quality and performance improvement.

IT departments are faced with a major challenge: Freeing resources for new projects, sources of innovation and agility for Enterprise, while ensuring a low cost operational maintenance of existing applications. These “legacy applications” (including now COBOL, C/C++ and Java) have often destructured over time and are now complex (or even impossible) to correct or to enhance.

Drifts of quality and performance that result in higher maintenance costs and a deterioration in the level of service Project management are a source of frustration for Project Ownership.

Kiuwan provides Dashboards and Reports with appropriate indicators of risks, technical debt, effort, actions plan at each level of organization (Application, group, global) adapted to different roles.

Kiuwan is the only cloud solution without any code upload, that allows to follow quality evolution, and help to decide and drive company application portfolio.

Kiuwan will deliver quality analysis in few clicks ! Just try it

Cobos and Tools : COBOL + Cobos + Eclipse = Dev3

Simple, robust, reliable, efficient, maintenable, easy to understand, CPU-lean, portable : COBOL will remain a valuable language for your back-office Information System and for a long time. That is the reason why COBOL deserves a modern, efficient and at the state of the art, Integrated Development Environment like Cobos.

Based on Eclipse, the de-facto industry standard, Cobos brings to the COBOL developpers the benefices of a modern interface and of integrated tools running on the workstation.

Produced in tight collaboration with users, Cobos provides a neat and intuitive graphical interface, which enables a very fast user acceptance. For mainframe users, Cobos brings an experience without changes in the way of “doing the job”, especially in source code management and compiling.

Cobos is the most advanced open source COBOL IDE dedicated to host application development. Based on Eclipse, it combines the best of both worlds by capitalizing on the open source community innovation and on the legacy best practices.

In complement of Cobos, Metrixware offers other very convenient tools such as the “System Code Suite” for Application cartography, Impact analysis, Quality assurance and the “Mainframe integrator Suite” for a quick implementation of fast, scalable and steady web access to the host.

Scertify Architecture

Scertify Architecture provides a pragmatic and innovative solution simplifying the architectural design synchronization of an application with its actual code.

Scertify Architecture is a multi-language tool used to articulate concepts of functional architecture, application and technology and their associated constraints.

The purpose is :

  • Measure and monitor continuous integration code compliance with the application architecture to avoid erosion model.
  • Document the source code to simplify the achitectural traceability concepts.

Key benefits :

  • Avoid the architecture model degeneration
  • Ability to confront an architectural model to its code in a continuous integration mode
  • Make the developper aware of architecture concept in its IDE (while most of their architecture tools are not available)
  • Interactive Documentation Architecture

Enterprise Studio : Legacy to web workbench at the cutting edge of productivity

MI Entreprise Studio offers to Java and mainframe developers a user friendly and intuitive interface for Java component generation. No additional technologies knowledge is required for the developers

Generated objects could be use as is with Mainframe Integrator Run-Time in Production Environment

ES provide graphical interface to identify data area, filter information design transactions.

ES brings to development team a powerful tool to manage custom transformation from legacy world to an open J2EE Environment.

Publishing Accelerator : Enhance your revamping webpages without coding & in the fastest way

As Legacy applications are designed for limited terminal capabilities, screen displayed in Web Browser based on mainframe protocol use a poor range of display features.

In a Web Environment, screen layout could be improved with better layout, graphical control, contextual help and Combo-box.

The purpose of Publishing Accelerator is to automatize all custom pieces for a Web Application; Servlets, JSP, Web.XML…

Publishing Accelerator is the most productive tool to add browser interface value to your Mainframe Applications with Mainframe Integrator.   

Acces Object : Highlight business processes based on screens transactions

Set up in Mainframe Integrator, Access Objects are representations of business processes that can be used directly by J2EE technologies.

Thanks to Entreprise Studio, Access Object Design is more than simple, based on existing screens an transactions without any interference on the mainframe.

Java objects generated are performance optimized and ready-to-use in J2EE, .Net application and can be integrated in BPM, CRM and ESB.

AO (Access Objects) represent all the business processes of the legacy applications as SOA and Web Services without any change in your existing code.   

Smart Device Support : On the move with your mainframe applications at your fingertips

Use of mobile device is growing dramatically : free move inside a warehouse, keep in contact with customers and prospects, make a direct field survey or avoid place used by a fixed workstation in a store …

The specific design of these devices without keyboard and touch screen requires a tailored ergonomics and a smooth change management for users.

Non-intrusive solution on the mainframe, the Smart Device Support extension adds to the traditional Web interface, mobile interface.

With Mainframe Integrator Smart Device Support your mainframe applications are carried on Tablets in a few weeks.

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