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Impact Analysis

Explore your legacy at a glance : we know how to produce a map of your legacy applications regardless of the technology used. Discovering and managing links between applications, data CRUD matrix, is our expertise inherited from AN2000 and Euro projects.

Data dictionnary plug-in

Reuse your data and components: centralize the definition of your data and your components, navigate, cross references, reuse the descriptions of your application components such as datas, structures, tables, programs,… .

COBOL Best practices checking

Ensure the quality of your COBOL development: “Confidence does not exclude verification.” Automatically check the respect of your best practices by developers especially in externalized projects. We have tons of rules resulting from the experience of our customers and know how to check it.

Servamping” 3270/5250/VT

Access your green screen applications everywhere: Access your mainframe applications from a Web application server and forget it. Mainframe Integrator allows you to record the flow “screens” and integrate them into Web pages on the fly for any type of device.

COBOL generation

Produce regular and reliable components: From a pivot format, generate COBOL programs and copybooks based on skeletons and rules tailored to your preferences.

Plug-in development framework

Produce professional eclipse plug-ins: We develop eclipse plug-ins for ages. We are at your disposal to help you develop your plug-ins by reusing the best of what we have done.

BMS maps design and generation

Maintain your maps in eclipse: Yes, there are still maps (BMS or MFS) and for a rather long time – do not decapitate your mainframe applications – Load your maps into eclipse, modify and regenerate it.

COBOL 3270 automatic testing

Multiply tests without effort: Record functional scenarios, replay it infinitely varying the input data and the expected output values.

Several COBOL parsers (lex/yacc/JAVACC or "home-made")

Make the most of your COBOL assets: We read fluently the COBOL language and we are ready to adapt the parsing methods according to your goals and the state of your assets.
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