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No matter how many application assets you own, you need to know the quality of your application code whether it is produced by your own teams or externalized. Is the quality getting better over time? Where are the critical points within your application portofolio?

Metrixware’s Audit Center, based on the System Code software suite and backed by a team of software quality experts, provides you with a snapshot of the state of your applications at a precise moment of time, or throughout their life-cycle.


Measure the quality of your application

Metrixware’s audit center is based on a tooled methodology using the System Code solution for measurement and analysis.

The power of this tool, linked to the expertise of our consultants, enables us to carry out a complete diagnosis of code quality contained in one or more applications, no matter how heterogeneous (multi-language, SQL queries, etc.) they are.

In concrete terms – based on the metrics calculated by System Code – you have available a qualitative and quantitative check-up rapidly utilizable by your teams to manage your applications:

  • Global indicators of the quality level of components (maintainability, complexity, changeability, portability, etc.)
  • Respect of development norms and standards (documentation, naming conventions, architecture, performance, etc.)
  • Detection of bad practices (or “Anti-patterns”): complex classes, lava-flow, spaghetti code, etc.
  • Top Down Approach: List of the components the most difficult to maintain, list of suspect classes and methods.

Continuous Quality Control

Each application processed by the Audit Center stays archived in the repository, thereby allowing an audit of a later version in order to compare the evolution over time of: volumes, maintainability, conformance to good practice, number of anti-patterns, etc.

In practice, this regular monitoring notably enables to check the coherence between the decisions taken for an application (re-documentation, refactoring, etc.) and their actual implementation in the code.

Regular monitoring is likewise the way to validate a new delivery from an external partner according to predefined quality levels (quality gates).

Audit steps

  • Launch

    After receiving the application to analyze, the consultant responsible for the audit takes cognizance of the environment (components, languages, versions etc.).

  • Creation of the repository

    A consultant performs the general configuration required to load the application into the repository

  • Definition of levels and criteria

    Depending on the language of the application and in consultation with the customer, our consultants fix the levels and the criteria of the analysis.

  • Quality analysis

    All of the source files are analyzed using the System Code solution. The quality factor metrics (maintainability, changeability, etc.) are calculated, the levels applied, and the bad practices detected.

  • Synthesis, Recommendations & Presentation

    The results of the audit are aggregated and then weighted relative to the demands of the customer and the specificities of the application in order to formulate recommendations.

Solution Benefits

Implementing our process brings benefits to all levels of your organization :


For IT management

  • An immediate vision of the quality of application assets
  • Estimation of maintenance costs
  • Decision-support tool

For project managers

  • Information about maintenance progress
  • Indicators on the performance and good practice of development teams

For Maintenance teams

  • Precise information about which components to monitor, enhance, rewrite
  • Indications of the enhancement routes to follow (documentation, performance, good practice, etc.)


  • Simple and rapid to implement
  • Quality diagnosis immediately
  • Visibility for top management
  • Assistance for maintenance teams
  • Independent results




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