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  • Needs Assessment

    Business needs : needs request is based on business division expectations to improve business processes
    Legacy applications: They are often the backbone of the company business with a long story, whatever the activities sectors: Finance, Government, Utilities, Energy and Manufacturing
    Ability to change: Whatever expectations in terms of innovation and modernization, it is essential to take care of needs and reluctance of future users.. This has to be measured and accompanied.

  • Solution Determination

    Offering best balance Costs / Benefits. Metrixware willingness is to optimize business profit beside the investment. One way is to reduce as much as possible the “basement” cost which is total of Product and Services for the new infrastructure amount added with the cost of support current functionalities

  • Solution implementation

    Metrixware is convinced that the best solution is the integration of specialized partner with the better know-how in their area, functional (Archiving, Electronic signature, trusted third party,..) or technical (IBM, Oracle,…). Metrixware could lead or only provide its expertise to Customer projects. For customer project or its own developments, Metrixware promote an Agile approach in connection with its products positioning

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