Rapid – Reengineering / Migration / Transformation

The Rapid technological offer is aimed at software publishers and large accounts to solve their most critical issues:

  • Constrained budgets
    • reduction in TMA costs
    • management of obsolescence, toxic applications
  • Security issues
    • core business applications based on aging technical bases, the most frequent targets of attacks
  • Time to market
    • improve the ability to functionally innovate, without big banging
    • carry out complex and large-scale operations

Since 1995, Metrixware has migrated legacy applications written in COBOL, RPG, Java with proprietary frameworks, Powerbuilder, Flash, Pacbase, Struts, PHP … to more recent technologies such as Java or Angular.

All our projects demonstrate rapid and measurable results:

  • readable and maintainable code,
  • modern architecture in continuous integration,
  • an iterative approach making it possible to verify the results at each stage,
  • cohabitation with old applications not yet migrated reduced to the strict minimum.

The approach is measured by the implementation of jointly defined success indicators (KPIs):

  • Minimum development interruption time (<1 week),
  • Operational functional scenario,
  • No performance degradation during execution,
  • Maintainable code after transformation,
  • Quality of the product code.
  • A step-by-step approach, with no impact on current operational activities,
  • Immersion in the customer’s business, to understand the challenges of the modernization project,
  • The client and his organization are placed at the center of the process in a spirit of close collaboration,
  • The project begins by defining the objectives and then quantifies the results obtained (for example, automatic conversion rate).

Customer testimonial

Metrixware reassured us and provided proof of the effectiveness of refactoring and how it works. Since then, our refactored application has been used without any problem internally and with our customers. The application was stripped of the obsolete libraries it was using; and the functional changes that our customers want were able to start more quickly.

Software Architect – Orange Business Service

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