Software Factory – The software factory for industrializing developments

The Software Factory offered by Metrixware addresses the need of software publishers and large accounts to industrialize their software production chain:

  • Define a global process – scalable and repeatable,
  • Set goals to achieve – in terms of business,
  • Activate the right levers with a measurable and rapid return on investment (ROI),
  • Support change.

The Software Factory is a modular and flexible software suite to meet the various challenges and needs in a multi-client, multi-site, multi-provider, multi-technology (COBOL, RPG, Java, C/C++, PhP…), with a state-of-the-art process and tools:

  • Manage the software factory, a production site, a project in particular,
  • Master the manufacturing process, software quality, deliverables from outside …
  • Standardize the continuous integration process, system testing, requirements monitoring, deployment …
  • Improve Productivity by automating non-creative tasks and encouraging reuse.

It is also an audit methodology followed by change support and training for:

  • Involve the various actors and stakeholders,
  • Industrialize from an existing software factory,
  • Accelerate the product development cycle.

Foundation: an open source building block (OSS) enriched by use-cases:

  • Standardizesdevelopment processes for more productivity,
  • Unifies the use of modules to automate repetitive tasks,
  • Rationalizes the deployment and configuration of the software factory for controlled version upgrades.

Additional essential modules:

  • Activity: to follow your overall activity (timesheet, CIR / CII …),
  • Dashboard: for management dashboards based on KPIs and the Balanced-Score-Card (BSC) methodology,
  • Checking: for software quality and application customs.
  • A uses case approach to automate repetitive tasks,
  • Deployment from an existing software factory, with turnkey support (migrations, training, etc.),
  • The possibility of instantiating projects or factories from models enriched by feedback,
  • A streamlined system administration with a Maintenance in Operational Condition (MCO) contract to control version upgrades,
  • A deployment that can be part of a Balanced Score Card (BSC) process.

Customer testimonial

The Metrixware Software Factory offers a very interesting solution, […] allowing direct access to a complete and managed software factory in which the integration of projects can be accompanied by training in good development practices.

Christophe Blaess, C/C++ Expert

Some customer references

Generix Group
Thales Alenia Space
Soft at Home
Airbus Defence & Space
Ouest France


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