Metrixware becomes Metrixware Systemobjects

(Press release)
Puteaux, January 1, 2021

Hello everyone,

2020 is a special year for our company, in the full context of Covid-19, we have shown very strong resilience in all of our activities with:

  • several modernization projects started during containment, in particular with our Rapid technology to migrate Flash applications to Angular,
  • major versions of our main products: Cobos4i 5.1 and Mainframe Integrator with the integration of features inherited from Systemobjects, DBCS for international languages ​​and many other features adapted from IBM z/OS to IBM I (iSeries, AS/400),
  • support for our long-standing customers, whether in maintaining operational conditions or functional developments in their most critical applications.

It seemed important to us to mark this year as an important turning point for our company, after excellent financial results, the release of new attractive versions of our products for modernization and productivity on IBM I (iSeries, AS/400) and the success of complex projects. modernization with new major clients, such as Conseil d’Etat, Nexter and Generix.

Also, as with our respective products, we merged Metrixware and our subsidiary Systemobjects during containment, under a single entity which took the trade name Metrixware Systemobjects. An elegant way of expressing an identity built on two different and now complementary histories of two companies known and recognized in the IBM world.

This name change was accompanied by an evolution of our visual identity.

The new logo symbolizes this evolution of our identity while respecting our three historic colors: the blue of the IBM world – the ecosystem we favor, the orange of creativity – to provide incredible technologies and the yellow of productivity – what our customers achieve with our products and solutions.

This strengthening of our graphic charter was accompanied by better use of our animal totems and the establishment of a new website in line with this strategic turning point.

The cheetah has been with us for 10 years now and symbolizes the power, speed and agility that we put into our products and solutions for the benefit of our customers and partners.

In the coming weeks, and we are already working on it, we will announce a very ambitious program to open all of our products and technologies to new partners, as we have already done with Migaro in Japan and Easirun in Germany for many years.

The year 2021 is already shaping up to be exceptional and we will come back to you shortly to announce the new features, whether it is the Metrixware Partner Program or the next versions of Cobos and Mainframe Integrator.

We wish you all, in this very difficult context, to be in good health and to succeed in all of your personal and professional projects.

— Julie

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