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Leader in the modernization of critical applications

Metrixware, created in 1995, is an independent software vendor (ISV), which supports hundreds of customers around the world in Bank/Insurance, Distribution/Energy, Industry, Services and Administration to modernize, connect and make their most critical core business applications more productive (AS/400, iSeries, IBM i, IBM z/OS, Unix, Windows).

Since the creation of Metrixware, we have tried to listen attentively to the requirements of our customers. This allowed us to focus on developing possibly the best “all-in-one” software solution on the market today.

Strong brands for the productivity (Cobos, Cobos4i, ex SmartPad4i, Software Factory & Devops), modernization (Rapid, Rapid Trust and Business Apps) and connectivity (Scort Mainframe Integrator, Delphi/400) of your IT system !

The combination of our recognized solutions & engineering expertise allow clients to optimize existing IT platform (AS/400, iSeries, IBM i, IBM z/OS, Unix, Windows) & application investments and hence improve Time to Market.

Our aim is simple yet powerful : allow clients to seamlessly move from old to new technology and at the same time beat the competition !

As our R & D department continually repeats; Old is Gold !

Julie Dumortier

President, Metrixware Systemobjects


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