A software publisher serving major accounts and mid-sized companies for more than 30 years to support them in the mastery of their core business applications (Banks, Insurances, Industrial, Administrations, Software Publishers, Digital Service Companies …).

Innovative Solutions and Technologies, Recognized Expertise, Customer Proximity, Agile Contractual and Organizational Models.

Key steps

1995 – Creation of the company to support large companies in the control of their information system (transition to the year 2000, changeover to Euro, mapping of information systems, impact analysis, IS governance …).

2010 – acquisition of Scort and Mainframe Integrator product for revamping Mainframe, AS / 400 and Unix applications.

2012 – Following its acquisition by management and business angels in 2011, Metrixware specialized in 2012 as a publisher of innovative solutions for the modernization of applications and the industrialization of software factories.

2014 – Technology from INRIA and investment fund IT-TRANSLATION (BPI, INRIA, FEI) enters the capital of the company.

2017 – Strategic partnership with the Rennes company Neticoa that became Metrixware’s Engineering division in April 2018.

2018 – Acquired SystemObjects in June 2018 to enhance modernization solutions with SmartPad4i and Delphi / 400 products.