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How to transform an innovative (marketing ?) idea to a successful business ?

As a software editor and solutions provider, Metrixware helps you reduce the time and cost to deploy your needs in the context of your existing and new business processes.

Achieve your Goals


Improve your employees productivity ?

► Be mobile and available by giving acces to their businesses everywhere : whatever their terminal (laptop, hybrid, tablet, mobile phone), software packages ( CRM, EDM…) and their legacy applications (Cobol, Mainframe, DB2)

Simplify your customer information access through a single vision ?

► Benefit from a unified view of your customer cases, regardless of the underlying applications ( Single sign on, portal integration…)

► Manage complex customer environments with multisessions

Take control of your documents life cycle ?

► Production Solutions

Create light and easily manipulated documents. We can dematerialize your paper documents, in order to be able to contract directly with customer authentication and electronic signature.

► Management Solutions

      Archive according to the document nature (from the Electronic Document Management to the third-party archiver).

► Restitution and Tracability Solutions

Reprint and manipulate trough any type of environment and terminal.

Metrixware can handle all of it : its based on robust, low risk, and really fast time-to-market solutions to integrate with your legacy environment and for help to industrialize your development cycle.

Application modernization

Based on a terminal agnostic, scalable and non intrusive Run-Time called Mainframe Integrator, you can bring up your green screens applications in web and smart devices environments by only a nstallable and customizable software.

Thanks to Entreprise Studio, your are free to take advantage of web user interface to redefine business transactions without any change of your existing applications.

Managing connection pools, witch is able to be integrated in company portal, offers web service for Business application using performing access (CICS CTG or IMS Connect), Mainframe Integrator is the most powerful and economic solution to bring into line your legacy application with HTML Standard user interface.

Dont forget that your Application Portofolio is the main assets of your IT, with Mainframe Integrator you can take care of it.

Development cycle industrialization

  • Cobos Cobol Development IDE in Eclispe Environment,
  • Quality management and impact analysis with System Code,
  • Non regression test campaign with Entreprise Studio,
  • Code Generation from Metadata Dictionnay with Reptide,
  • Improvement of JSP generated from Mainframe legacy screens with Publishing Accelerator (An Eclipse Plug-in).

Of course every tools could be used for specific purpose :

  • Cobos is a powerful Eclipse IDE with a lot of features (see Cobos page on this site)
  • System Code provide Application and Source Code repository for APM (Application Porfolio Management) solution, SLA delivery control from Third Party Maintenance, Code Quality improvement with Technical Debt Management (ISO 9126 and SQALE Methodology),.. System Code can analyze multiple technologies and language such as COBOL, Java, C, C++, C#, SQL, PL/SQL,ABAP, … and provide huge library of code control rules.
  • Enterprise Studio Workbench manage is own repository, capture or import existing screens flows, BMS definition, redefine screen and transactions, generate Java Code, JSP, and documentation… to build fully customized Web Applications using Mainframe Integrator Run-Time.
  • Reptide, Eclipse IDE, lean on System Code repository, is able to import a Pacbase artifacts dictionary, manage these artifacts, and generate COBOL programme “as is” from Pacbase. Reptide si high level meta-objects database which can increase dramatically developers code writing productivity.

All Metrixware Solutions could be integrated or interfaced with other Development tools, SCM (such as CVS, SVN, Endavor, Dimension), debugger (XPediter, IBM,…) and support multiple legacy environments (z/OS, iSeries, Unisys, Bull Gcos,…)

Whatever you want to improve in your legacy portfolio (Mainframe Integration, Entreprise portail, single sign on, Tablets or ipad support, PDF support, document digitalization, electronic signature,…) or in your development process, Metrixware have robust, well-proven, environment-friendly solutions. You can get a lot implementing Metrixware Solutions.

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