March, 17th 2020

We at the Metrixware / SystemObjects company share the concern about the current coronavirus situation pandemic situation, this is currently affecting all of us.

I would like to assure you that, despite the French confinement, our company has taken proactive actions last week to ensure that all our services will continue at our usual high standards and without any disruption. The well being of our staff, our customers and our patients is being protected to the best of our abilities.

Regarding our colleagues, we have restricted all travel and everyone is working from home. Metrixware is used to have employees working remotely with customers and partners all around the world (Japan, Germany, Senegal, Brazil …).

Despite the current circonstances, including the French confinement of the population, we are keeping all our operations running, including support, maintenance, projets and products developments.

You can contact us through the regular online channels and continue to rely on us to support your business and activities.

Take care of yourself and your family,

Julie Dumortier – President – Metrixware & SystemObjects

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