Cobos – and the COBOL becomes more agile !

The disruptive IDE under Eclipse for COBOL developers !

Cobos is the most complete IDE for the development of COBOL, RPG and PL/I applications under Mainframe or Unix. Based on Eclipse, Cobos combines the best of both worlds by capitalizing on the innovations of the open source community and the best practices of mainframe and AS/400..

SmartPad4i – Mobile and web Applications for your IBM i

A solution to create automatically your new standard web and mobile applications for your IBM i (AS/400), using RPC or COBOL !

Ergonomics, ease of use, productivity, time-to-market!

Delphi/400 – native access to your IBM i objects !

Delphi/400 is an excellent solution for modernizing IBM i applications. More than 1000 customers worldwide use our product!

Delphi/400 is all the power of Delphi marketed by Embarcadero plus native access to all the objects and services of your IBM i !

Software Factory – industrialization of developments

The Software Factory addresses the need of software publishers and key accounts to Industrialize their software production chain with a modular and flexible software suite.

A complete and managed solution in which the integration of projects can be accompanied by training in good development practices.

SCORT MIS – Revamping, Servamping and SOA

A solution of revamping and servamping mature and powerful used for more than 15 years by about twenty very large accounts SBF250 (Insurances, Banks, Industrial …) to easily integrate all Legacy Mainframe, AS/400, Unix (Mainframe Integrator) and Windows ( Windows Integrator) to modern technologies, services and devices.