Cobos4i (ex SmartPad4i)

Formerly SmartPad4i (SP4i), Cobos4i integrates the Cobos development environment for IBM i with design and application generation tools for all PC, Mac, Unix, Smartphones and Tablets (iOS and Android) environments, in RPG or COBOL!

Single development, deploy everywhere, and get instant ergonomics, ease of use, productivity and time-to-market!

Supports all browsers on the market with a product update included in the maintenance contract to follow their developments.

Cobos4i offers access to the services of the terminal on which the application is run: address book, geolocation services, camera and more generally devices connected via Bluetooth.

Cobos4i integrates Cobos4i Express to easily and quickly deploy a pre-configured application server. Cobos4i supports many application servers to carry out highly loadable configurations.

Cobos4i automatically generates the mobile application for tablets and smartphones and does not require any development or knowledge of these environments.

Cobos4i offers all the IBM i tools integrated directly into the Cobos environment, no need for RDi.

Cobos4i is certified by IBM and referenced in the IBM Global Solutions Directory catalog.

Cobos4i Generator to automatically create RPG applications with access to your data, including a Google “suggestion” search

Cobos4i HTML Builder to automatically generate HTML files for your applications, without prior knowledge of Java or HTML.

Trial version available on request.


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