SmartPad4i (SP4i)

Unique development for your PCs, MACs, Smartphones and Tablets (iOS and Android), in RPG or COBOL!

Ergonomics, ease of use, productivity, time-to-market!

Unique and essential features

Supports all browsers on the market

Access to Terminal Services:

  • Address Book
  • geolocation services
  • camera
  • devices connected in bluetooth

Develop your applications directly in Rational Developer for i (RDi).

Scalable with an application server
No development on Smartphones and Tablets

Extended features

Cobos4i bundles SmartPad4i directly into the Cobos environment, no need for RDi.

SP4i is certified and referenced in the IBM Global Solutions Delivery catalog.

SP4i Generator to automatically create RPG applications with access to your data, including Google’s “suggestion” type search

SP4i HTML Builder to automatically generate HTML files for your applications without prior knowledge of Java or HTML.

Trial version available on the site.

Free Trial Copy

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