The Isiman software suite is a “low-code” tool for digitising the business processes of players in the finance, insurance, mutual insurance, industry, luxury goods, logistics and public administration sectors.


These components are deployed for clients with strong performance and management needs for their most critical activities: fraud detection, anomaly monitoring, pollution analysis, process audit, etc.

Governance, Risk, Compliance. Basel III – Solvency II – General Data Protection

Quality, Security, Environment. All generic and specific ISO standards

ISIMAN® Internal Audit
Plan and carry out audit missions, generate the final audit report, create and follow up the action plans issued from the recommendations.

ISIMAN® Process
Process modeling – Document Ecosystem

ISIMAN® Accounting governance
Accounting information in the governance process.

Based on Java and Eclipse, it is certified for DB2, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server databases and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud on application servers such as IBM WebSphere or Apache Tomcat, in IBM i, Linux, AIX or Windows environments.


Built on this extensible technical foundation, the Isiman software suite offers many standard components that are customisable, easy to use and quick to deploy, such as RGPD, Risk and Compliance Management in ISO 9001, ISO 27001 or related to Security and Finance laws such as Basel III.

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