Rapid TC – Trusted Third Party Audits

The Rapid Tiers de Confiance technological offer, Rapid TC for short, is an audit and remediation plan offer to meet the various challenges and needs in a multi-client, multi-site, multi-provider, multi-technology context. , with a state-of-the-art process and tools:

  • Contract with a third party,
  • Identify suspicious parts of the code or architecture,
  • Validate outsourced work – check SLA compliance,
  • Confirm and formalize a perception of the quality of an application or a deliverable,
  • Measure the work carried out by a third party, counter-audit,
  • Monitor application quality over time,
  • Determine remediation efforts (costing).
  • Rapid TC thus addresses the needs with a trusted third party while respecting strict confidentiality.

Rapid TC is also a methodology for auditing and then supporting change :

  • against audit,
  • delivery audit,
  • audit for the acquisition of an application,
  • green code audit,
  • audit in the context of a supplier dispute,
  • due diligence,
  • mediation between two subsidiaries,
  • reversibility,
  • offshore center.

The Rapid TC technological offer simultaneously addresses:

  • Improved customer / supplier relationship
  • Reliability of subcontracted deliverables
  • Compliance of projects with SLAs
  • Project risk reduction
  • Reduction of technological risks
  • Process improvement
  • Quality monitoring over time
  • Scoping: definition of the target, objectives and KPIs
  • Audits: tooled analysis of the target, code and architecture
  • Report: audit summary, recommendations, action plan / remediation, feedback
  • Implementation (option): follow-up of actions and KPIs with third parties
  • Continuous Improvement (option): training and skills development, architectural reengineering, automatic code transformation, …

Customer testimonial

I was won over by the Rapid expertise of Metrixware, programming languages and its offering combining its own analysis tools combined with open-source. Responsiveness, speed of execution of the audit and feedback by an expert in software engineering, the advice provided were also a criterion of choice.

Alain Serre, Quality and Methods manager

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