Cobos – and Legacy becomes more agile!

Since 2008, international players in banking and insurances entrust us with the mission to improve their productivity in COBOL, RPG and PL/I !

Cobos is the Disruptive IDE under Eclipse for the development of COBOL, PL/I and RPG applications under IBM Z, IBM i and Unix. Cobos combines the best of both worlds by capitalizing on the innovations of the open source community and the best practices of large systems.

Ergonomics, ease of use, productivity, time-to-market!

Mainframe IBM z, IBM i (Power, iSeries, AS/400), AIX and Unix
Windows or Linux workstation under Eclipse

Continuous Integration (Endevor, LCM, ZMF, GIT, SVN, SCLM, IBM RTC, UTRANS …)

Modern editor (autocompletion, syntax checking, templates, Rexx/JCL …) for COBOL, PL/I, RPG and freeRPG

Local and remote compilation (IBM, Microfocus, Cobol-IT, OpenCobol …)
Z/Navigator and i/Navigator (Host FTP or SSH integration)

Secure 3270 Emulator (SSL / TLS), 5250 Emulator


Cobos Best Practices: checking the compliance of the code, on demand or as a gateway during integration

Cobos Discover: component mapping and data mining

Cobos Testing: Non Regression Testing in the world of COBOL

Cobos4i bundle with Rapid Application Development tools for IBM i

Interoperability with third-party environments: IKAN DevOps, Compuware/TOPAZ, Mia Software, SONAR …

Customer testimonial

The Cobos architecture has allowed us to achieve a seamless, end-to-end integration, as we have become accustomed to in the open source world. In truth, the Java developers are now envious of the ease with which their Cobol colleagues make their deployments!

Ivan Torres Fally, Enterprise Architect Buy Way

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