AXA Business Case

Customer needs


AXA’s Property & Casualty department had a project to modernize and make more ergonomic the user interface of its platform dedicated to 2-wheel insurance: the aim was to offer a better user experience to agents and brokers.

Indeed, AXA is aware that to thrive in an increasingly competitive market, it is essential to provide a more attractive and user-friendly platform. They were looking for a solution that would enable users to navigate the business application more easily, while having clear visibility of insurance rates and conditions.

The expected benefit was to harmonize the underwriting path with the eproduct path, for better handling and therefore better productivity, in order to increase business with the brokerage network, which is faced with multiple underwriting paths. Faced with this challenge, AXA has chosen to renew its confidence in Metrixware to transform its underwriting application for customers owning 2-wheelers.

AXA is a French international group specialized in insurance and asset management.

The project at a glance :

  • 10,000 employees and brokers involved
  • increased number of contracts signed
  • time saved on quotations

Suggested solution


To meet AXA’s need to modernize its user interface and improve the experience of its agents, brokers and employees, Metrixware proposed its Mainframe Integrator Suite (MIS) solution, supporting IBM
z/OS, IBM i (AS/400) and IBM Aix environments.

This solution highlights Metrixware’s technology and the ability of its teams to work in collaboration with AXA’s business managers and marketing department, to deliver a time-to-market solution that respects the budget, the specifications and the AXA universe.

 Benefits & Results

Immersion in the AXA Universe

More attractive and ergonomic interface created by a UX Design team -> Wow effect!

Return on investment

Lowest implementation cost to achieve expected results.

Better adoption of the offer

Completely redesigned sales approach with information bubbles and clear display of details and options.

Customer testimonial

The proposed solution enabled us to redefine our sales approach and modernize our user interface. The solution has transformed our tool into a real guide for agents and brokers, helping them to navigate and sell more effectively.

Yann LE DU

IT Manager, AXA

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