Metrixware Systemobjects announces the release of Cobos 5.2

Press release
(Tuesday, January 11, 2022 at Puteaux La Défense)

Metrixware Systemobjects announces Cobos 5.2, the leading development environment in the IBM z/OS and IBM i (AS/400) mainframe market, and makes its RPG Converter available free of charge!

At the start of 2022, Metrixware Systemobjects officially presents the new version of its mainframe development environment based on Eclipse, Cobos version 5.2.

This new version strengthens the functionality of the tool to address the specific needs of developers in IBM i environments.

Player traffic: to record and replay 3270 and 5250 exchange flows, allowing the automation of non-regression tests,

RPG Converter: to convert RPG source files to free form.

And as with each version, there are many small changes that have made the reputation of this product today with major players in insurance, banking and industry around the world.

There are already RPG Converter on the market, right?

There are at least two points on which there is a consensus when we talk about the modernity of the RPG language: its type and its syntax.

RPG today is an extremely powerful and efficient language. It can often do a lot more with a lot less code, however only the RPG IV language (RPGLE, SQLRPGLE) written in free format can be qualified as modern.

But because of its long history, it can exist in different forms in one application.

For these reasons and because its business is to offer modernization tools, Metrixware Systemobjects used its Rapid migration technology ( to develop a tool for converting the fixed RPG to Free-format and integrated it into Cobos.

And the challenge taken up by the R&D teams, made possible by Rapid technology, to provide, from the first version, a conversion equal to what exists on the market.

So to support this new year, Metrixware Systemobjects graciously makes this tool available through a free annual license.

For a limited period, Metrixware Systemobjects offers the download and the annual license for a developer position, free of charge and without any limitation regarding the RPG Converter!

The other important news is that Metrixware Systemobjects will continue to enrich this RPG Converter, an even more powerful version 2 is already in development.

So feel free to give feedback to our teams on what you would like to get from such a tool.

Who is Cobos for?

The Cobos solution is aimed at mainframe IBM i, IBM z, AIX, Unix customers who wish to modernize and industrialize their software factory, in line with the best practices and the best tools of the Open world.

Cobos comes in the form of Eclipse plugins and is therefore compatible with all mainframe environments existing on the market, in addition to or as a replacement for proprietary or opensource tools.

Metrixware Systemobjects also offers Cobos through its strategic partners in Germany, Japan and French-speaking Africa. In the rest of the world, Metrixware Systemobjects is actively looking for new integrators able to locally support complex modernization projects.

About Metrixware Systemobjects

Metrixware Systemobjects is a software publisher serving Key Accounts and Mid-sized Companies for over 30 years to support them in the mastery, modernization and industrialization of their core business applications. With more than 250+ clients active on 5 continents, 25+ engineers and 6 first-rate partners, Metrixware offers a complete range of turnkey solutions to meet the demanding demands related to the legacy environments of companies.

Metrixware Systemobjects is a long-standing IBM Business Partner and a global player in IBM i Certified Development Tools.

Metrixware Systemobjects publishes the Cobos productivity tool (, the reference Smart Development Environment (SDE) under Eclipse for IBM z/OS and i (AS/400) mainframes and Aix servers and Unix.

Cobos modernizes the workstation of COBOL, RPG and PL1 developers, with no impact on central infrastructures and in strong synergy with the software factory and DevOps tools on the market.

Metrixware Systemobjects is also a historical leader in connectivity technologies between Mainframe applications and new technologies by offering tools for revamping, J2EE servamping, web-services / SOA, RPA or even native access to Mainframe resources. under the Scort Mainframe Integrator, Delphi/400 and MX400 brands (



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